Understanding Contrapposto


Free Webinar | Niccolo’ Dell’Arca Compianto del Cristo

Free Webinar | Saturday, May 2 at 12pm (EST) | Dell’Arca’s Compianto del Cristo Morto is tucked away in Bologna and is one of the most […]

Art, Anatomy and Renaissance

During the Renaissance artists attend or perform anatomical dissections as part of their artistic training with the purpose of creating more realistic and expressive artworks. With […]

Biomandala & Panopticon at the “Art on Paper”


Drawings recently sold

Here are 3 foreshortening studies just purchased by two Art collectors, Alayne and Michael. I love drawing foreshortened poses, they kind of show an unpredictable view […]

The Site of the Soul

New York Academy of Art – 2016 Art & Culture Lecture – The Site of the Soul – Roberto Osti More videos in my Youtube Channel.