Drawing with #25: J.W. Waterhouse, Portraits in Red


ZOOM SESSION | Wednesday | Number of Lessons: 1 | 10/26/2022 - 10/26/2022 | 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM EST

The portraits of women of the Pre-Raphaelite John William Waterhouse are simply stunning and his drawings in charcoal or red chalk are equally breathtaking. Waterhouse was Academically trained and his technique was impeccable.

We can learn a lot from Waterhouse: with this Drawing With… Zoom Session dedicated to this incredibly talented artist, we will have occasion to study his refined academic technique by copying one or two of his works, and, in addition to having fun drawing with a group of talented and rumbunctious artists, improve our own drawing technique.


White drawing paper of good-decent quality, such as Strathmore Drawing series 400 in medium finish.

You can also use lightly toned tan paper, such as Stonehenge Legion Colors, or tone a few sheets of drawing paper with a wash of watercolor or coffee, in which case you should use a heavier stock drawing paper to limit warping.

You can also use any drawing paper you like and are familiar with.

Red crayons in pencils or sharpened sticks, such as Conte, Cretacolor or, my favorite, Pitt Pastel by Faber-Castell (non-oil based). You can also get a couple of compressed charcoal pencil in hard and medium gradation, in case we will need to extend the tonal scale.

Kneaded eraser and sharpener. Sand paper will make for an excellent sharpener of the brittle pastels