Drawing the Torso – Online Class by Roberto Osti

My name is Roberto Osti, welcome to my “Complete Anatomy” videos.

In these first three videos I discuss the structural, volumetric and anatomical characteristics of the male torso.

These videos are designed so that you can draw along with me and learn as you go.
As I draw, you can copy what i do, you can stop the video in case you need to and take your time, restart the video and resume drawing.

This way, you will have ample time to practice drawing and understand the anatomical characteristics of the human body.

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First video
In the first video I discuss the skeletal and structural characteristics of the human torso: volumes, proportions and landmarks on the front and three-quarter view of ribcage and pelvis.
The three quarter point of view visualizes very efficiently the three-dimensional aspect of the volumes of the body.

Second video
The second video is dedicated to the skeletal and muscular connection. Here I will discuss the origin and insertion of the superficial muscles and analyze their volumetric characteristics and interconnections.
The emphasis on the volumes in this video helps to understand the effect of the light on the body’s forms and to obtain a more three dimensional effect in your artworks.
As for the previous video, a ¾ view rendering of the torso will provide more information on the volumes of the figure.

Third video
In the third video, the superficial muscles of the torso are rendered in more detail and more organically, an essential step toward a realistic and convincing depiction of the human form. The muscular-skeletal connections are also considered in both the front and ¾ views of this demonstration to draw a holistic continuity with the two previous videos.


About Roberto Osti: Anatomy and Drawing teacher at the New York Academy of Art, the University of the Arts, the Pennsylvania Academy of The Fine Arts