Italy Workshops 2022

June, 18 to 26 2022

Rome Art Workshop

When you bump into a wall in Italy, chances are it is hundreds if not thousands of years old.

Who knows?

May be Julius Caesar bumped in the same wall 2,000 years ago on his way to the Senate on the ides of March.

Or may be you will be resting on the same church steps that Leonardo da Vinci sat on as he was sketching the faces of his fellow Florentines in preparation for one of his masterpieces.

Join me this coming Summer when I will be leading two separate 8 days workshops in Rome and Florence.

During these workshops the time will be divided between

  • plen air watercolor sessions (about 16 hrs),
  • figure drawing from life in studio (about 18 hrs),
  • city touring and museum visits.

June 26, July 4 2022

Florence Art Workshop

The artistic revolution that took place in Italy between the 14th and 17th centuries established a completely new approach to the figurative arts with the introduction of the humanistic ideals, perspective, anatomy and rediscovery of Classic art.

The Figure Drawing sessions offered during the workshops will permit us to study and practice the approach to the depiction of the human figure defined during the Italian Renaissance, a method that has been the core of the artistic training in Western Art Academies until the Modernist Revolution.

The Plen Air Watercolor sessions will give us occasion to appreciate a variety of Countryside Landscapes and urban views spanning from Roman Antiquities to Renaissance and Baroque Architecture.

The Museum Visits will focus expecially on the more iconic works of Roman Antiquity, Renaissance, Mannerism, Baroque periods with particuar focus on artists like Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Titian, Bernini but also many other less known great artists.