Figure Drawing "Live"! #4 - Turris Eburnea

Turris Eburnea is back!

Join me on Tuesday……for the fourth Figure Drawing “Live” session to draw Turris Eburnea as she will grace us with a variety of elegant and expressive poses, to create a range of drawings from quick and gestural to more accurate and deliberate.

This is the perfect occasion to refine or practice our figure drawing skills.
Open Drawing Session #21 the hands in movement (1)

Open Drawing Sessions #21: The Hands in Movement

The hands are a wonderful subject for any artist, they can give us an infinite number of poses and we can learn many things as we study and sketch them: measuring and drawing techniques, the dynamism of the hands, aesthetics.

Join me on Thursday 30, from 6 PM to 8 Pm (EST), for 2 hours of art and fun exploring the structure, movement, and the beautiful forms hands can assume.
Fall 2021 watercolor the forms of nature roberto osti new renaissance atelier 2 (1)

Watercolor: The Forms of Nature

The natural world is an infinite and fantastic source of inspiration for the artist, and the versatility and luminosity of watercolor make it the perfect technique for recording nature in a fresh and fun way.

In this course, the students will learn fundamental drawing and watercolor techniques, use photographic references and prepare a field sketchbook to create quick, observational sketches and studies in graphite, watercolor, pen and ink, ballpoint pen and other media with scope of exploring the subject and gather information about its characteristics.


The Joy of Watercolor #3

The Joy of Watercolor” is becoming a classic course for the students that want learn, perfect or practice this medium while creating a variety of landscapes.

Color theory and color mixing, even washes and gradations, textures, layering, wet on wet, wet on dry and dry brush are some of the techniques that we will discuss and practice during this six- three hours weekly sessions of “Landscapism”, a way to escape from it all spend a few hours painting, learning and socializing.

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My Video Courses

Roberto Osti

These two online classes are available at my Vimeo Channel.
  • In my class Drawing the Torso, I discuss the structural, volumetric and anatomical characteristics of the male torso.
  • In Drawing the Eye, you will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the structure, anatomy and dynamism of the eye's form.
These videos are designed so that you can draw along with me and learn as you go. As I draw, you can copy what i do, you can stop the video in case you need to and take your time, restart the video and resume drawing. This way, you will have ample time to practice drawing and understand the anatomical characteristics of the human body.