Drawing with the Masters III spring 2021 roberto osti new renaissance atelier march 2-30

The course “Drawing with the Masters” has quickly become a Classic, pun intended.

In this 3rd course of the series, we will keep exploring and learning drawing techniques, Art History and hang out together, copying works by a variety of Masters.
watercolor foundation spring 2021 roberto osti new renaissance atelier march 3-11 (1)

Watercolor can be a very rewarding technique but in order to obtain fresh and expressive paintings, one should become acquainted with its fundamentals: washes, gradations, glazes, wet on wet, wet on dry, drybrush, materials.
dissecting a masterpiece workshop spring 2021 roberto osti drawing new renaissance atelier

This workshop continues the series “Drawing with the Masters” focusing on the Florentine structural method and the traditional use of Anatomy in the Fine Arts

“Apollo in the forge of Vulcan” is an incredible masterpiece of composition, painting technique and display of anatomical knowledge.
Essential Anatomy spring 2021 roberto osti new renaissance atelier APR 14 MAY 19

This 6-weeks Human Anatomy overview course, is specifically directed toward the needs of the artist that wants to reach the next level when drawing the figure accurately: all the anatomical and structural aspects of the Human body studied in this course, will be directly linked to the practice of Figure Drawing.

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My Video Courses

Roberto Osti

These two online classes are available at my Vimeo Channel.
  • In my class Drawing the Torso, I discuss the structural, volumetric and anatomical characteristics of the male torso.
  • In Drawing the Eye, you will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the structure, anatomy and dynamism of the eye's form.
These videos are designed so that you can draw along with me and learn as you go. As I draw, you can copy what i do, you can stop the video in case you need to and take your time, restart the video and resume drawing. This way, you will have ample time to practice drawing and understand the anatomical characteristics of the human body.