Online class | Drawing with the Masters, Part II: four drawings four techniques

February 3rd, 2020 - February 24th, 2021
Wed for 4 weeks from 2:00 to 5.00 pm

200 US$

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The historical techniques you will practice in this course are at the base of almost all the other drawing techniques that will then be more easily accessible and understood: graphite, silverpoint, trois crayon technique, reduction technique, and charcoal and chalk on toned paper.

This online course, divided in 4, three hour online Zoom lessons, we will copy works by Michelangelo, Singer Sargent, Pontormo, Raphael and other great masters of the past, to understand their style and drawing technique and develop a deeper insight and technical mastery in the art of figure drawing.
Feb, 3rd 2.00pm -5.00pm
Feb, 10th 2.00pm -5.00pm
Feb, 17th 2.00pm -5.00pm
Feb, 24th 2.00pm -5.00pm


Zoom: (I will set up a short Zoom session to discuss the materials needed and also practice connecting via Zoom).

Drawing paper: a pad of Strathmore Drawing, series 400, 12” by 18” or 11” by 14” or Strathmore Bristol vellum surface series 300, 11” by 14”; Strathmore charcoal paper toned, 12” by 18”. You can also use or experiment with any other brand and type of paper you like or have: Canson, Fabriano, etc. or buy paper by the sheet.

Compressed Charcoal in sticks and pencils. General's is a good and cheap brand. White chalk in pencils or sticks, General's again makes a very good and cheap chalk pencil. Vine charcoal in square sticks, preferably Nitram in soft and medium gradation (B and HB). Graphite pencils in HB-2B-4B gradations will suffice.

Blending stump, erasers (mars plastic, kneaded eraser, Chamois, General’s Factis mechanical eraser or Tombows Mono Zero mechanical eraser.

Red, black and white Conte crayon pastel or colored pencils. The red should be an earth red such as Venetian red or Indian red. And finally, sharpening tools and sand paper.