Online Course | Anatomy and Structure of The Head for Portrait

May 24 - June 28, 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM, Mondays

250 US$

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The head and face are probably the most rewarding parts of the human figure for an artist to draw or paint.
Head and face can also be an intimidating subject because of its inherent complexities. This interactive, on line course is intended to provide the fundamental and indispensable elements of the structure and anatomy of the head for any artist interested portraiture and in mastering this challenging yet fascinating subject.

This intensive online course is organized in 6 weekly classes of the duration of 3 hours each, the Zoom live sessions permit the students to have a very clear view at all times of my demonstrations giving me the possibility to also discuss drawing techniques. The students will draw along with me for the whole duration of the live demonstrations creating many drawings and practicing both the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject, I will also suggest exercises for further practice, to be executed between classes at the student’s discretion. The students will post their works on Google Classroom for feedback and comments.

The recorded Zoom sessions will be available to the students for the duration of one month after the end of the workshop to permit the students to keep practicing and review the many notions discussed during this intense workshop. The topics discussed will be: the volumes, proportions and landmarks of the head, the muscles of head and neck, the facial features and their correct positioning in the face, the planes of the head and the effect of the light on the forms of the head.

Open to all skill levels