Online Course - Figure Drawing "Live"! #4 Turris Eburnea

September 28, 2:30-5:00PM EST

45 US$

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Turris Eburnea is back!

Join me on Tuesday……for the fourth Figure Drawing “Live” session to draw Turris Eburnea as she will grace us with a variety of elegant and expressive poses, to create a range of drawings from quick and gestural to more accurate and deliberate.

This is the perfect occasion to refine or practice our figure drawing skills.
In this new format, we will be working via Zoom with model that will be posing for us remotely, providing us with the opportunity to hone our figure drawing skills, to be inspired by the model and learn to read the forms of the body more accurately.

These classes are the same format as the Open Drawing Sessions and last 2:30 hours, each session is an independent event. During the first 30minutes I will give demonstrations on measuring methods, on various techniques, on how to identify the landmarks, the muscles and landmarks of the body.

For the remaining 2 hours, the students will be drawing from “Life” with a variety of techniques and length of pose: from quick 2-minute poses for gestural drawing, to 20 minute poses for a more deliberate and accurate rendering.

Throughout the session, I will be discussing the pose, how to measure, how to render it, help the students identify the anatomical details and discussing the tonal aspects of the pose, making these instructed sessions a learning and practicing experience throughout.

Featuring Turris Eburnea

Our model for this session will be Turris Eburnea, a professional model from Italy that models for a number of European Ateliers and Univerisities.